Monday, March 19, 2007

Some Major Reasons Why the Board MUST Go!

Praises to Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner! Ohio CAN be a model of clean elections, and she's bound and determined to make that happen! Today she called for the resignation of all four board members. As noted in posts below, and in the observer report linked within this post, hers is wonderful move, for NO positive changes can take place as long as the present board stays in place.

I will be posting film here of some CCBOE meetings demonstrating the wisdom of Brunner's actions. The present impacted political culture of lies, cover-ups, abuse and ignoring of citizens there and demeaning those not; the board's complete non-understanding of the elections process that they, however, control absolutely, with the culture of fear and abuse - can only change with a new board!

With a lack of time right now, I will just post some film. Explanations, and much more, will follow.

11/5/06 Cuyahoga "emergency" board meeting two days before the 11/7 election. Watch the board in their usual confusion and not-knowing ... all » approve an "election security plan" that offers no real security; approve "observers" who didn't fulfill the court order; and try to shut out the public.

Below,right after that meeting, you'll also see how they once again took the opportunity to spew lies to the press about the process and people concerned about having actual fair and clean elections. Mr. Vu, under "permissions" from the board, especially anti-citizen, Bennett, also blatantly lied and turned and walk away when I asked him questions. Those were about Mr. Vu's: •Lies to the press ( and I should say, that he showed how clueless he was) by • Claiming that the massively failed optical scanners the previous week, were fabulous. • That only two failed, when at the next day’s meeting, he said 10 of 75 failed. (We had bought 20, $9K each, and had to rent from Diebold, another 55 because theirs were so slow and unreliable! (and the $180/hour Diebold “rep”, Hiner, on 11/6 as usual “didn’t know” how many of the failures were Diebold’s though if it’s as reported at 7, we can know it’s probably 15.) • He told the press, as usual, the scanners had been massively tested and certified. He also listed the tests they had done at the CCBOE (but left out the parts about Hayes listing and forcing them to do those, after they were all panicked at the massive scanner failures the previous week. Diebold even flew people in, to avoid litigation apparently - but they left out that part to the press.) • He even mentioned the “public pre-test” again though I had reported on the record on 10.2 (see and download film at ) that it was NOT public (no notice); and not valid since they used Diebold’s own preferred script, to “test” the “accuracy” of Diebold’s machines (fox making sure hen house is open again); AND in this November "test", they did not even use the election’s actual ballots. They used ones from a Diebold machine, and printed from another Diebold’s computer. • He assured the press that the scanners' paper trails could be checked. The scanners don’t have paper trails! I have it on film. • And he talked about the security held in the use of passwords. He would not answer me when I asked how many distinct passwords were there for employees. Because the answer was ONE! – some security, huh? Bennett again took the opportunity to tell the press that I am just someone who wants to bash his elections – No, I just want FAIR ELECTIONS…. And how they welcome public input….and how there are just some activists like me, who are mistakenly angry about the outcome of ’04, thus mistakenly still want to embarrass the board, mistakenly saying something happened in ’04, when nothing did. The later convictions have proved quite otherwise, Mr. Bennett, all while you keep denying - even your knowledge of what happened in '04.

Also see the beginning of the Observer Report I filed with the Five Statewide Candidate Consortium Observer Project recently. I was an election observer for these Independent candidates assigned to the Board of Elections. So much happens beyond election day, that we never even think about, that helps create our "elections results".

And about Elections Security
The following film is too long. It was taken as we waited for almost an hour (as usual) for the CCBOE meeting to start, as usual without apology. This was their over 3 hour election day meeting, taking workers and observers out of the field for a rather inane meeting.
Look at the two clips immediately above, and watch the first half of the following. What we were filming were Voter Access cards that let people vote, along with encoders, along with machine keys, and along with memory cards that can let anyone put anything into machines, even a code to fix our elections - all just laying there.
And they claim double locks and keys, and chains of command!
You'll also see the clerk call for help when she watched and listened to us, to have the "evidence" carried out.
So much for their even having any idea of what election security is!

The Election Day Report of The Pretty Good Election

The following shows Mr. Vu's first report of November's "pretty good election" on election day, 11/7/06. Notice he first indicates problems at only 4 polling locations - mostly according to him,(which means due to Bennett's desires for the look of the description,) again due to poll workers and the new amorphous term for "bad" - "special interest" groups' faults. As the meeting went on, it became increasingly revealed that far more CCBOE systemic problems were happening, including a registration system that could not determine who was registered and not, and which seemed to be changing one person's registration status every 15 minutes; no show poll workers; failing memory cards; poll workers NOT knowing to give voters paper ballots instead of sending them away; long lines, etc. That afternoon there was court order for 16 locations to stay open an extra 1.5 hours because of morning election problems. The board never recognized the systemic nature of the problems, but tried to make each one reported by someone there, look like an isolated little mishap.

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