Thursday, March 22, 2007

More on the Brunner's Complaint and Hearing from the PD

A few quotes from yesterday's PD:
Election chair fights back
Bennett blames prosecutor for rigged-recount convictions
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Joan Mazzolini
Plain Dealer Reporter

"Attorneys for the convicted workers are appealing their convictions and filed a motion for a new trial Tuesday with Corrigan."
Just how many times are they planning to try that one? At least once during trial, once during sentencing hearing, and yet again? They obviously feel they must keep these women happy enough to not tell the truth.

" The prison sentences enraged Bennett..."
What seemed to enrage him was that his political strong-arming was not working, leaving himself exposed.

"They ( the attorneys for Dreamer and Maiden) also filed a motion for Corrigan to remove himself, alleging he has a conflict of interest involving Mason. Although Mason had a special prosecutor handle the trial of the two workers, he became involved in the trial when the defense sought to have him testify. An assistant county prosecutor represented Mason to fight the defense effort, but that assistant prosecutor also represented the judge in two unrelated cases, which lawyers say created a conflict for Corrigan."

HE had a conflict of interest? Why don't they check out the "defense" attorney, Synenberg and Bennett?

Then quotes from Openers blog this afternoon by Mazzolini:
Elections chief files complaint against Cuyahoga board
Mazzolini states:
"The 18-page complaint accuses board Chairman Bob Bennett and board member Sally Florkiewicz, both Republicans, of misfeasance, nonfeasance and violating state election law."

The post links the entire complaint:

Much of the complaint centers around security issues, recount issues and even lack of financial responsibility.

Check the following out from page 7. Reading it in the original gives a fuller flavor of the massive waste of taxpayer dollars to Diebold for non-secure and non-operating equipment that fed into massive overspending for May's meltdown (still without accurate results); and for the highly paid ridiculous "management", including that of the director and board for same.

"34. The Board estimated its funding needs for the fiscal year 2006 at $11,460,174.
35. However, in order to avoid incurring a massive deficit, the Board requested and received from the Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners an additional $12,900,000 which exceeded the Board's initial total budget request."

It shows that other counts center around such things as the huge gaps between the number of votes cast (people signing in) and number of ballots per precinct in both May and November '06, poor (but I add, very overly paid - at least $1.5 million total to CCC and Diebold! ) poll worker training that did not allow workers to actually rectify those numbers at the precinct on election day and night, and more.

Mazzolini reported from the SoS statement linked in post directly below, that William Owen, the first assistant prosecutor of Delaware County, will preside over the hearing which will begin on April 2, if Bennett and Florkewicz don't have the good sense to resign first.
(Poor Maiden and Dreamer, their protected, and same to-be-tickets-out-of-this, are losing, (to use a "W" term) "political capital" pretty rapidly.)

Look for yourself.

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