Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Interim Director, Jane Platten Focussed on Doing May Election Well

And she presently is carrying the entire agency ultimately on her shoulders.
I wonder how many other counties know about and follow this law below?
This is the first time here, in my memory. Last November, even with all the high paid staff and "diligent"board, they, in fact had to reprint wrong ballots at least twice, if not 4 times. (They portrayed the problem as PAPER!, not themselves, thus the solution as DRE's!!!!)
I think that at least certainly every candidate, or issues-interested peron on the May ballot, needs to be informed and go to make sure they are represented correctly.

For instance, in '05 at the November certification meeting, two people came to the meeting here, both demanding a re-election because of wrongness of ballots.

Of course Bennett said...his typical:
"We did everything right...Right Michael?(Vu).
Vu shakes his head yes.
Bennett continues to citizen:
"Sorry, Try again next time."...Or (try to) sue us...(with your money you don't have, but we just used for that election...).

One was an issue committee for a certain charter ammendment in a suburb. The CCBOE told them and wrote to them that it was called something like "Issue 2". They campaigned, donated, printed, walked, stood, talked all about "Issue 2". Most residents were enthusiastic. On election day however, no one could find issue 2 on the ballot, and issues are often too long and complicated for most to read and understand on election day. The "anti-issue 2" people, had however, been given the proper name that was on the ballot, and they got some votes.

Now that we know it's the law, it should be taken advantage of for fair elections.

Just released today:

MEDIA ADVISORY Contact: Cheryl D. Ellis
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 (216) 443.3276

(Cleveland) – The Cuyahoga Board of Elections invites the public to inspect the ballot proofs for the

May 8, 2007 Primary and Special Election. Ohio law requires a 24 hour public inspection period before the ballots can be printed in final form. The ballot proofs will be available to the public in the Community Outreach Department located on the first floor of the Board of Elections. The ballot proofs may also be viewed on the Board’s website: www.boe.cuyahogacounty.us, under the heading “Election Information”.

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