Saturday, February 10, 2007

Catching up...and boy is there ever "a load" of that to wade through!

Immediately following the November 28, 2006 Cuyahoga "election" "certification", I got sick - very. Guess days at the CCBOE, in the non-sensical chaos, the fear, the cover-ups, and being confined to "my 'bad person' chair as an always-watched 'Observer!'" was something that my immune system was just not ready to take on. One can only take so much toxicity without effect.

So, for those who are interested, now I'll do a lot of catching up. In these pages, I'll go back to right before November's election all the way through the latest-
• the trial and conviction of two (non-decision-making) board employees - but not their superiors! - for the '04 recount rigging, and it's still deal-making aftermath to apparently keep these women quiet;
• the force out of the Director and Deputy Director (when come the rest of the sources of the disease, like some people on the board?)
• the latest meetings regarding such things as
• NOT posting election results at the precinct level before they come back to the board when no one can see or check that these may be our results, not theirs.
• "remakes"
• doing anything they can to keep the public from looking behind what they're telling us - into what's really going on;
• and the proverbial, but in this case, true - much much more.

Included from '06 will be
• November's "Public""L&A" tests of the Diebold machines - hardly public if no one knows when they are happening - no public notice, or maybe some little "classified" which no one can find (in November, not even the CCBOE); and hardly an "L&A test" -if one wants to believe in those - of the 5,000+ machines, which you'll see in the film I post.
• And the 11/7 Election Day meeting - yep while the elections were going on, the board and managers sat in a 4 hour meeting (I'll just show "highlights")
• trying to "convict" and activist for wanting results posted at the precinct, which they would not do despite months of "proper" requests, but which are the essential element for election transparency.
• trying very unconvincingly to show that they had proper registration records, allowing all who wanted to vote to vote - especially in minority areas;
• etc.

• more about the outcome of provisionals
• the still ongoing, and seemingly never ending story about what the CCBOE is calling an "audit" - still under their own control! and still not even started; and other similar reports from November.

Stay tuned to the 15th largest voting district in the nation, and from what fellow activists from around the country tell us, and even some media people - one of the most corrupt, inept boards of elections around. If we can learn how to uncover truth here, make a difference here in getting real elections with accuracy, integrity, and transparency FOR CITIZENS here, we'll learn alot.

The first step is citizen active oversight. That's what I hope this information will inivte you into.