Thursday, March 29, 2007

Facing Forced Ouster, Bennett Still Focused on Prosecutor Mason & His Office. Why?

Even in the recent dramatic local election shake-ups, and what one would think would center around issues of law and whether or not Cuyahoga citizen/voters can get OUR elections back, Mr. Bennett - the only remaining member of the CCBOE board which he has chaired and head of the Ohio GOP- demonstrates his and possibly others, COMPLETE disconnect from the citizens and our election rights - and the seeming "normalcy" that some at the top of all parties perceive, in literally dealing with and exchanging OUR resources and OUR power for THEIR somehow highly lucrative benefit.

Just as at the recount rigging trial, with the "defense," led by former CCBOE Republican board member and Bennett friend, Synenberg (for Dreamer), and followed by active Republican Cara Santosuosso (for Dem. Maiden), continually twistedly (and oddly) pointing fingers at the rigging being the prosecutor's fault!; and actually naming off the record, Mr. Mason, head Cuyahoga Prosecutor, as some huge "perpetrator" by bringing this crime against the people actually to trial - Bennett still, instead of trying to prove his dutiful and lawful carrying out of his board responsibilities, continues to follow "the strangeness" pointing to Mason.

To the onlooker it certainly points to a long-time reality of "back room" agreements, to cover for many huge wrongs to US - on ALL sides of our "leadership", and a previously "normal" deal Bennett thinks was backed out of by Mason because he allowed this one election crime to finally be properly convicted by a jury, and he's continuing an investigation of '06 too. Bennett, with overwhelming evidence against his actions as a CCBOE board member seems unable to get Mason out of his head.

To "deal" without and against US, which has been Bennett's continuously demonstrated definition of "cooperation" even while on the board, is Bennett's reality of "leadership".

We may or may not ever find out what all he thinks he "has on" Mason, or Mason on him, which seems the real news that everyone is skirting. It would be important, though probably painful, to find out to get to the bottom of who and what is running and choosing Cuyahoga's "leadership."

Bennett recently even mentioned that on November 1, 2004, the day before the election, a complaint was delivered to him from Mason's office demanding his separation from the board then, because of conflict of interest as both CCBOE chair and head of Ohio Republicans - a complaint that died down and went away, though to most thinking people one that sounds like it holds great merit.

The dynamic that appears true today, however, is that Bennett's power contest with Dem. Mason, and apparent threats to blow some Cuyahoga lids sky high - the "unspoken about elephant in the living room" since the rigging indictments -that Secretary of State Brunner is carrying on, focused on the law, and the people's goal of getting clean elections in this county.

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nation.of.gandhis said...

I have asked this many times and many places.
Where is the FBI and why are they not investigating this election fraud?