Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just What All Gags and Muffles Even THINKING Plain Dealer Reporters?

Sunday, 3/25/07
Also found today, as I was looking online to locate the bizarre "director" of editorial pages, Larkin's newest attempt (also shared today) to shape public opinion in ways that are so skewed, they can only hold some great vestment for him:

Talkin' Politics
Posted by Mark Naymik
March 23, 2007 16:19PM

The PD's Mark Naymik and Jean Dubail talk about winners and losers at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections, week one of the governor's budget dissection and Bill Clinton's trip to Ohio.
Here's the audio there linked.

Notice that among some facts, there are such things as Naymik's stumbling around about Blackwell's "integrity"; the lack of accuracy about when and why the 2 CCBOE Dems resigned, slantedly and innacurately referring to them as "foot-dragging", while the 2 R's remain; the BOE's typical references to "voter fraud" ( meaning citizen voters, of which there have been less than a handful of cases nationally) but never mentioning, as his bosses never mention, even a possibility of "election fraud" - that done inside, now aided for massive scale manipulations with our Diebold machines; and more.

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