Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Letter That Alan Bendzak Wanted to Deliver to The Board last Wednesday

As noted in a below post, a citizen who attended the CCBOE meeting last Wednesday, tragically and suddenly died outside the meeting, of an apparent heart attack. Though I want to make clear, that with this I am NOT even inferring that the CCBOE was at fault for his death, I want to post a letter, that Alan Bendzak came to deliver to Mr.Bennett, that did not get delivered then. He died before his chance to speak.

I found out about the letter when I attended the wake. Though I did not know Mr. Bendzak, nor do I know if I would have agreed with all of his opinions, I went out of real sadness for the family, who suddenly lost their dad and husband in a way they still cannot quite piece together. He had passed, by the time he reached the hospital, and they knew little.

Mr. Bendzak, of North Royalton, felt the letter was important because he was questioning the Prosecutor's office, in one instance, about their inattentiveness to his senior mother having been bilked out of her money in an insurance/annuity sales scheme that took her money, and had no chance of ever paying her back in her lifetime. He was and his family still is part of a now nationwide class-action lawsuit against such large insurance companies against seniors. His family has felt and still feels at great risk for going up against such "heavy hitters" with far-reaching connections.
Also, last Monday the Plain Dealer, ran a New York Times article on the front page about just this nationwide insurance subject, that appears a still growing huge injustice.

When the Bendzak family called the CCBOE the days after Alan's death to try to find out what happened, and what anyone remembered about their dad and husband's death, they spoke of the letter that he had wanted to deliver. The board wanted to know if it were against Mr. Bennett. When they found out it expressed displeasure about Mr. Mason, Bennett's assistant, sent someone to the Bendzak home to get a copy.

In the interest of Mr. Alan Bendzak's memory, and possibly the family's greater feelings of safety, and with Nancy Bendzak's permission, I post that main letter here in public - the safest place for it to be.
Again, my sympathies to Bendzak's wife, Nancy, his children, and family. (And again, I do not mean to even infer that the CCBOE was responsible for his death.)

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