Thursday, March 22, 2007

JUST IN! Mr.Soggs has resigned, the hearing date for the 2 R's now set

Loree Soggs, the second Dem of the board, has also wisely resigned. He apparently knows any hearing of this board cannot be pretty. His reputation can suffer far less from a resignation than going through that.

As of this afternoon, Bob Bennett and Sally Florkewicz, the 2 R's, have gotten their complaints from the SoS.
Poor Sally. There she is - put there to give Bennett his rubber stamp 2nd, now caught in this ugly position. Get out now, or leave Bennett as isolated as he really has been - had he not been throwing a lot of weight (and who knows what else) around.

If they do not resign before, the hearing of the two has been set for April 2, 9 am. in the Euclid City Council Chambers, 585 East 222 - a large facility, with tv cameras, and good taping equipment.

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