Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Third Board Member, 1 of 2 R-Foot-Draggers, Resigned Today

Just in!
Sally Florkiewicz, one of two past R-CCBOE members, finally resigned this afternoon.

One can say she's a nice woman, and she tried. But blind allegiance and signing on to be a rubberstamp to anyone is always a dangerous-to-all position to take on.

Now, Bob Bennett is all alone, where he belongs. And it is far beyond time for him to follow suit, to avoid more of what should be highly unnecessary public huge expenditures of dollars and time to finally begin moving toward clean elections in Cuyahoga; and to avoid the major (at the very least) embarrassments of seeing himself dragged through the same mud he's spent so long slinging and covering truth with.

Only one more to rightfully go, so we can all be able to avoid the April 2, and possibly onward, hearing, and spend our energies building new, clean systems together.

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