Saturday, December 1, 2007

Another PD "editorial"/ My reply-"Racing toward the sunset of democracy"

Well, after some recounts, guess the PD is finally getting convinced that they must actually talk about and even admit that their politically loved DRE's aren't the greatest thing since corner newsboxes. But they're still quiet and honoring of Brunner, despite her recent days of apparently racing toward the sunset of democracy, though she won her seat on promises for new dawn of election reform.

Here's my reply:

Correction re: your 11/29 editorial "Election Night mustn't be election nightmare." It's not about election night, as you'd have us believe. It's about getting a transparently accurate count of the voters' will, however long that takes – to avert another 4 years of nightmare of shredding every American value for freedom, decency, and life.

Dimora was wrong.
We'd be in excellent hands with Cuyahoga's current BOE weighing in on presidential outcomes - IF they weren't hampered by the likes of Diebold-Premier.

More true a statement is "God help us if our next president is decided by any secret software, able to be undetectably manipulated from inside, produced by irresponsible, power-wielding, private voting machine vendors" - which describes them all, according to four years of media-non-covered, expert reports that preceded Brunner’s questionable testing.

It’s Brunner’s coddling to vendor and political interests, even in her delayed, hush-hush “testing,” that’s put us in this ’08 bind. Instead of decertifying much earlier, now she may use the bind, to ram through another round of grossly expensive, taxpayer-paid, undemocratic, inoperable “solutions.”

Citizen over-sighted, hand counted paper ballots is the only solution, until any machine counting our votes is first proved to citizens both workable, and transparent.

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