Thursday, December 6, 2007

Up to our *^&*%^s in Alligators

Here's a piece of film from the CCBOE board's Technology Work Group's wonderful 9/20/07 Public Forum on Technology. The work group is composed of board members Sandy McNair (D) and Rob Frost (R) and of course, much of the CCBOE staff.

I give my thanks right back to Sandy as he thanked me for the idea.
They acted on it! And it was wonderfully planned, allowing for real exchange - learning by all, straight speaking and serious listening to ideas. They even invited Diebold to attend and field some of our questions, but alas, the company decided they were too busy. (I got there a bit late, so no film of those announcements.)
However, the CCBOE even followed up on all questions posed by the public in the two unimpeded Q&A sessions of the afternoon, and still have responses of their followed up items posted on the home page of the CCBOE website.

I'll be posting more film of that 9/20 day in the next few days. It'll be worth watching!

Even more, they're planning another, similar forum for mid-January, probably on a Saturday, (as suggested on 9/20) hopefully in part, to discuss with the public SoS Brunner's testing reports/results! Even if you have to pack your bags and come on up or down - definitely plan to attend!

It'll be a great time to have a minimum of canned presentations, and a maximum of having the public's concerns and questions brought to light, and addressed! If you're thinking of attending, call the CCBOE and let them know you want to be kept informed. 216-443-3200. If you're an election reform advocate from other parts of the state or nation, and want to contact me ahead of time, just email,

This particular piece of film is from the second Q&A period of the afternoon, after Chris Nance, Assistant Secretary of State, gave his presentation about the then-almost starting testing process. (The SoS office was still involved in getting the $1.8 million of Ohio HAVA federally tax-paid funds appropriated from the Ohio Controlling Board.)

It is a short, and "precious" ( said in a very complimentary way) from Ray Rosenberg, a local computer expert and business consultant, a systems thinker who remains vitally, articulately, yet unassumingly active in all manners for re-awakening remnants of our democracy.

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