Thursday, December 6, 2007

Good news! Sandy McNair states there'll be public forum to discuss SoS testing

I'll be posting more film of the first really excellent Technology Public Forum on 9/20 in the next few days. It'll be worth watching! It'll be worth attending the next one...

They're planning another! a similar forum for mid-January, probably on a Saturday, (as suggested on 9/20) hopefully in part, to actually discuss with the public SoS Brunner's testing reports/results! Even if you have to pack your bags and come on up or down - definitely plan to attend!

It'll be a great time to have a minimum of canned presentations, and a maximum of having the public's concerns and questions brought to light,
and addressed! If you're thinking of attending, call the CCBOE and let them know you want to be kept informed. 216-443-3200. If you're an election reform advocate from other parts of the state or nation, and want to contact me ahead of time, just email,

Hopefully there won't be any SoS Cuyahoga oversighting "ultimatums" - before that time....

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