Monday, December 10, 2007

Please attend on December 17 at 9 am

Though only a short weekend after Brunner's redacted EVEREST testing report will be released to the public, the CCBOE in their now vastly abbreviated consideration of next voting systems, as imposed by SoS Brunner, and as apparently confirmed in their executive session conference call with her office near the end of the board meeting last Friday afternoon, has decided to nevertheless consider public input on Monday, December 17, at 9am in board chambers. (See film below of the end of that meeting.)

(For comparison with the reasonableness of their normal and expected technology timelines, see 11/27 statement, (12/6 post) -"Good news! Sandy McNair anticipates a second CCBOE Public Forum on Technology, (mid January, and after holidays) to consider SoS testing reports and other items of public interest")

I understand that both SoS Brunner and Assist. SoS, Chris Nance, have been invited to also attend. Hopefully at least one will find the time to do so, so the also hopefully many citizens attending, can ask some tough questions of them - not so much right now about the details of their reports, which can be probably handled in their still non-scheduled "citizen comment" time, sometime in January; but about Brunner's motivations in delaying her testing; keeping non-partisan, non-vested citizens out of our machine testing process, but not other vested interests; and her now sudden December 7 "worry," forcing Cuyahoga into an invalid, either-or, untenable, no-win decision for our March 4, presidential primary - a decision that either way seemingly promotes keeping some form of insider hackable, improperly operable electronic machines, made by irresponsible, but power and money-wielding private corporations, but with a change could begin to re-institute them widely again, and for a long time, and at a huge taxpayer price tag - again!

For more information, please see Has Cuyahoga been set up for failure?

and see film of Nance's 9/20 presentation about the testing, and his answers to some tough questions about it here.

Here's the film of the end of last Friday's CCBOE December 7, board meeting, the day the PD article, came out, "Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner wants new voting system for Cuyahoga."
Also see a discussion of that article at "Brunner's heating up the frying pan..."

To be noted, that before the executive session actually started, a few of the board members expressed agreement with what I had stated as seen in the film, and seemingly did not think Brunner would force the decision she did. After we returned into the room, granted after a long day, and at about 6:30pm, the air there felt
unusually drained and tense.

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