Friday, December 7, 2007

Some "random" found...unfortunately

Checked in with Cuyahoga's ongoing recounts yesterday, and found that Strongville's board of education recount was still ongoing.
That's because it seems that while some absentee/op scan voters did not fill in the ovals on the ballots, but used checks and X's instead, it was found in the 3% sample (albeit with precinct 1A, of course) some of the scanners allowed those marks through, but counted them as blanks votes (!) the first time through, while others (or same scanners) sent them back out as unreadable, as was expected.
A full hand count was then ordered by the SoS office.
Of course, the CCBOE has now updated their paper ballot counting procedures to include, after opening ballots from their envelopes, inspecting and separating out all those with non-oval-filled marks. All those will have to be "remakes" to get an accurate count.
Can't trust those Diebold-Premier op scanners to help out with that separating job of what they can read accurately or not.
THEY are too unpredictably RANDOM in their methods of reading ballots.
A BIG problem throwing another Diebold wrench into fair and accurate counting? Of course.
And if my internal tally of the time-savings Diebold also offers into a fair accurate counting process is anywhere near correct, let's see, we should be by comparison with pre-Diebold, somewhere around -350.

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