Saturday, December 15, 2007

PD articles on Brunner's- (my concept-) "fishy ramming" - Incl. Prospective Cuyahoga Timeline!

1. Brunner wants return to simpler voting times - 12/15/2007
Good coverage. Bad title.
That's what Brunner
wants us to think - or to just accept and blindly "trust" as we don't even have time to think - just like HAVA 2002 which brought us to today, and this time in two weeks, during Christmas holidays.... - as she makes what only appears to be a good move - toward paper ballots, so long needed.
while doing that, she's also imposing such ridiculous notions as recommendations:
  • which don't even follow her the testers'"reports" - where they said that ALL the systems, thus also their monied manufacturers who make them and weakly try to defend them while they sell, are untrustworthy. And they all said the entire election landscape needs overhauling, including the people systems. Yet she wants us to buy MORE from the same people!..while also leaving the same BOE people in place, many of whom have been evidenced to have broken the public trust in '04 and since. (NOT CURRENT CUYAHOGA officials - a refreshing example of transparency, intelligence, willingness to work - very hard, honesty and citizen respect.)
  • which lure decision makers with dollars - OUR tax dollars from any level - for apparently her political agenda, and apparently that of others - for our OUR presidential supposed choices - while all eyes are on her/Ohio. And most important-
  • which remove all possibilities for valid citizen oversight of our ballots and counting, and all possibilities for a truly valid audit of our election;
  • nonsensically (from an administrative and management perspective...) which obliterate even minimal administrative and management priniciples.
  • and which have us "just forgetting about" the hundreds of millions Ohioans have already fed the untrustworthy folks.
She knows it would take a minimum of a year, and the money would be far better used, to begin to develop a system that really could work according to BOE and citizen requirements for a decent, trustworthy election.
And truly simpler times would include such things as:
  • honoring precinct level citizen voting, watching and counting;
  • hand counting at the precinct level (at least the federal races) before anything disappears anywhere into anyone's hands or machinery, and posting those results at the precinct;
  • getting our millions back for defective, wrongly represented products we were duped into purchasing;
  • and further honoring the intelligence of voters - not trying to take elections from us, while trying to sell us on ease and ... .... .... ..... cost savings!
Also as predicted *, a quote:
"Brunner said she could compel Cuyahoga to change equipment if the board, which is under her administrative oversight, doesn't make the decision."
"Sometimes the best use of power is not to use it," she said. "I want the voters of Cuyahoga County to have confidence in what their board does."
Right. In the whole week, allowing for probably 3-minute presentations, she's allowing, for voters to watch and help them decide.

* see

2.Highlights of new voting system - 12/15/2007

And perhaps, most astonishing - even from the basic management principles we need from a state chief elections officer, is this one:
3. Prospective timeline for voting system changes - 12/15/2007

It seems to me, that Deep Throat - both the movie and and governmental interpretations - may be at play here...

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