Friday, November 30, 2007

Post-post note about recounts, to date

Don't think I mentioned earlier, about the first day's recount - Though the Bedford Heights Charter Commission was mandated for an automatic recount, that whole process made no difference to the outcome. The race was to select 9 of 14 candidates. The margin between #9 and #10 was large. The automatic recount came between something like # 3 and #4 - making all that time and effort for no reason. All 9 stayed elected.

The North Olmsted recount, the question of two earlier board meetings, was held today. Don't know yet how that one went.

And God help us all- here is the list of recounts scheduled for NEXT week!

The first two on the list are mandated. The last four are requested, and requesters will have to pay max $50 (up from $10 last year, per HB3) per precinct for those counts. Though this could make recounts non-affordable to many, especially in a county-wide race, on a per hour basis, it could be quite a deal! (On a true usefulness basis to actually prove what voters wanted - via these Diebold machines, it could be $50 per precinct too much, though it does give access to poll books, etc.)

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