Monday, November 5, 2007

The CCBOE Recount Trial Resumes?

I understand that a few people who were previously witnesses in the last recount trial, have received subpoenas to appear in Judge Shirley Strickland-Saffold's courtroom at 9am today, apparently for the beginning of an appeals trial. In the last trial, two of the three defendants were convicted of both a misdemeanor and a felony, and were sentenced to 18 months in jail for their parts in mishandling the '04 presidential recount.

There is nothing of this date that I could find, on the Court docket online.

Some believe, though I have not been able to confirm, that what will happen today is that rather than going through another trial, where defense attorneys had said they had new evidence to present, the two former Cuyahoga BOE elections workers, Jaqui Maiden and Kathy Dreamer will plead "no contest," the convictions will stand, but they will agree to some sort of "program" that will keep them out of jail.
Should that be true, from what I understand, there would be no further court action on this matter.

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