Thursday, November 29, 2007

Post note to recounts - Hard to explain

After the CCBOE board meeting yesterday, I went down to see how the Solon Board of Ed recount was proceeding. They have about 26 precincts in all. The board staff started by randomly selecting a 3% sample - with their resident lottery-like, ping-pong ball "air-blower," that vacuums into stasis, a few balls from all of them, each with a precinct number on it.

By the time I got down there at about 10:30 am, they had hand counted the entire 3% sample. Not one damaged ballot was found.

Now go explain. It seems IMPOSSIBLE for demographics or partisanship to play any role. They are truly pretty equal from the the areas considered during the two recount days. Hmm...

But the break outs ended up to be :
a total of 15 tapes that were unreadable. The breakdown is as follows:
8 Bedford Hts Recount (out of 57 canisters)
7 North Royalton Council Recount (out of 18 canisters)
0 Solon Recount (out of 125 canisters)

Here's the PD briefing about the latter:

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