Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Opinions:Long-crafted, high-level "election" strategies?

When a friend read the below post about Diebold and SEC regulators he wrote, suggesting that this has all been planned: That Diebold is being ALLOWED to fail/to fold...The jobs they were set out to accomplish are done...
They've allowed key citizens' elections to be "properly" manipulated; have numbed the people into thinking these electronic voting systems are "normal" and possibly even "better;" they've disgusted large numbers of other citizens completely away from voting - and they've been paid very handsomely for it, without a penny coming from "the deciders"pockets - only ours.
Or at least it seems Premier is being allowed - the "black-sheep offspring - the "election division," that no one wanted to buy, so they gave it a similar family name, before allowing it to disappear - along with taxpayer billions. (Even the federal HAVA money, I remind all, was NOT "free" to states and counties (us) as it's been presented to us. It
was OURS, that's now stuffing the pockets of these supposed makers of "election" systems - that have been unsatisfactorily operable, and undetectably able to change our election results "in a single bound" from inside the hallowed back halls of politics.

Interestingly it looks like Diebold's already planned for such contingency. If you go to Diebold's web site, right there as a choice under "Products and Services", they advertise "Diebold Premier" then comes the word "Services" - all a trademarked name. (And what's that lady pictured at the top secretly laughing about anyhow? That we've "been had"?)
When you get there, you see that's their "maintenance and installation" division, so they can keep that, and still pull in exorbitant amounts for "fixing" their junk, from people who rightfully, just can't afford to or can't stand the thought of trashing a brand new, millions of dollar purchase, despite the fact that they were fleeced.

To get to the actual Diebold Election Division, not even visible or available from the Diebold site anymore - that which is now, probably not accidentally, also called Premier, one must of course, find and go to a separate site - all the easier to quietly disappear it later, just as it was reported months ago, that they stopped putting their name on any new "election equipment" they made.

Such allowed folding certainly would allow them to avoid all kinds of liability and law suits and just quietly slip away... to the beaches and vacation homes all provided by our cash, while trying to save their previously good Wall Street reputation (who knows how well deserved) of the rest of their banking and ATM business.

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