Sunday, May 27, 2007

Up to his Old Tricks Already

Michael Vu (back to camera) goes out of his way to make a special stop at the back of the room
as he leaves the November 7,2006 Cuyahoga election day board meeting,
to greet and schmooz Diebold cousin (same last name, in coat)
and his "Diebold partners"-Mark ("our machines are 100% reliable & it's all someone else's fault") Radke, to left, and Jessica ( "I don't know the answer to that, but I know it'll be another $500,000") Hiner, who after pushing our $15M in sales recently got a promotion to Diebold Training Director.

This one's too good to have buried in comments.
On May 20, Duncan from San Diego wrote:
"Todays edition of the North County Times added an even greater helping of disdain on the residents. Buried in a budget review, it was revealed that the County will be purchasing 200 more of the Diebold machines. This when the budget shortfalls will force the county to cut back services. Fifty positions at the Child Protection Office will be left vacant, yet the Registrars Office budget will increase by ten million dollars in order to purchase more Diebolds. One can only hope that Seiler and Hass split the sales commision equitably."
No, Duncan, you left out your man Vu - with maybe a bit of a finder's fee for Townsend who hired him...

This is the end of my reply to San Diego lawyer acivist Ken Simpkins when I sent him some requested links on Vu.

Two other areas I strongly suggest you pursue (as you may get somewhere outside of Cuyahoga politics) are:

1. Call the special prosecutor from the recount rigging case here (some links also in the first post)- Kevin Baxter - 419-627-7719.
He's supposed to be continuing the investigation of that '04 rigging and the many "irregularities" of '06 elections, including not following federal court orders. But given this county, I don't know the deals that have been made....

I know Baxter knows of Vu's that Vu should have been indicted instead of those women. Why he didn't indict him, I don't know - probably Bennett's cover ( but Bennett has lost power.) Thus, don't know how far, or if any such investigation might proceed. Probably the women will get off on some kind of stupid appeal, and Vu (and Bennett, also culpable) - the real felons - will be able to skip away scot-free.
I also have documents that show that what those women did and are sentenced to prison for, they did at least with Vu's full knowledge which he later tried to cover up.

2. And (as mentioned in the post) - Vu's federal offense of having his '03 Cuyahoga arrival voting registration fudged - a federal offense - that allowed him to become Director here before his 30 days Ohio residency - also a state offense.

That would be one way to get rid of him there- Bring him back to Cuyahoga for trial and his own deserved prison sentences - for these and other election laws he's broken.

What you do about Deborah the Diebold Rep, and those who want her there - for easy election fixing and maybe good financial kickbacks from Diebold for lots more $Millions of senseless sales - I don't know.
But first hang on to your county's pocket books, get a handle on those making the appropriations - and start keeping a running total yourself of the thousands then millions of dollars (probably attempted to be hidden) that go to Diebold for such things as copies of training posters, maintenance of maintenance that fell apart, 25 tech people when one would have sufficed, licensing and more maintenance of maintenance fees- AND don't let them buy the Diebold registration system - which even they cannot make work except with ongoing hundreds of extra hours by elections staff, but can be tied in with caging systems - etc.

Good luck on your good work.

It'll be a good thing to keep comparing notes with Cuyahoga. It seems that Vu's not wise enough to change his tactics.

Here are exerpts from May 20 North County Times article Duncan talked about above:

Sheriff's woes, electronic voting, pests included in county budget

By: GIG CONAUGHTON - Staff Writer

SAN DIEGO -- The Sheriff's Department is still having a hard time finding new deputies. Construction has dried up in the unincorporated areas of the county. A freeze has been lifted for local prosecutors. Electronic voting appears to be here to stay. And destructive insects could have a tougher time getting into San Diego County in the coming year.
But the increase is not modest across the board. Some programs and areas will get little in the way of increases, or will receive less money than last year. Other services are getting boosts much larger than 7.1 percent.
Also likely to get an increase is the county's fund for voting machines.

Electronic voting machines have stirred some controversy with a minority of election watchers. But the San Diego County registrar of voters office is expecting its budget to jump from $15.53 million to $25.26 million, in part because the county intends to buy more electronic voting machines.

The county agreed to buy 10,200 Diebold TSX "touch screen" voting machines for $31 million in 2003, and used those machines in November's elections.

However, Mikel Haas, director of the county's Community Services Group that oversees the registrar's office, said the county plans to buy an additional 2,000 machines for $5.4 million before February's presidential primary because some voters had to wait in line to cast ballots in November.

"When we used them in November, for the most part you could take a look at rush hour and see we needed more units," he said.

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