Saturday, May 12, 2007

Election Night Wrap-Up. May 8, 2007

Compare and determine which one gives you more confidence:

Interim Director, Jane Platten with Reporter Brian McIntyre, the night of May 8 2007

11/7/06 Election night back at the Cuyahoga BOE.
About 10-10:30pm Mr. Bennett repeats only 4 polls opening late, falsely inferring that was all the problems; or it's OK to let voters walk away when machines aren't running, "they'll come back" he assured; his expressed great interest in "working with opponents" while stabbing election integrity advocates for wanting polls to have the full complement of hours for voters to vote; and using "special interests" as his new grab bag term for such "bad people", and "glitches" to minimize bad voting day problems.

Film also found in "A Long Look at the Dysfunction of Cuyahoga's 11/7/06 Election Day - Under Bob Bennett"

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