Saturday, May 12, 2007

Putting Faces to Names - CCBOE's May 7, Swearing In & Board Meeting

Secretary of State Brunner swears in the new board, and acting as Interim Chairperson, Jeff Hastings gets the meeting going. To Brunner's right is Interim Director, Jane Platten. To the left are D- Inajo Chappell, R-Hastings, D-Sandy McNair, and R-Rob Frost.

Later I'll post the end of the meeting, where refreshingly the board decided - in a PUBLIC process, not executive session - to briefly extend the search for Director and Deputy, now that at least the board itself is known and stable.

It was a really good start. Some of the concerns mentioned, especially by the two Republican members demonstrate that they have already been schooled in their party's past concerns.
Now, as I stated later in the meeting, I just hope that politics don't quickly or eventually bury the beginning good intentions demonstrated on May 7.

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