Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tidbits from Today's Second BOE Meeting with the New Board

No time right now to fill you in completely, but at some highlights from today's BOE meeting:
  • Platten was phenomenal. So organized and forthcoming about necessary information
  • She and staff have decided on a plan to notify voters whose provisional ballots were rejected, giving them the opportunity to by law, contest those rejections, and bring in proof of ID within 81 days and have the election results amended. This will begin to finally update the unknown "lost" number of voter registrations Vu revealed in the certification meeting last November, creating still unknown numbers improperly forced into provisionals because they're not in the poll books, then have those provisionals rejected - without the voters awareness, thus, ready to start the whole process again in the next election.
  • Cuyahoga's main Diebold GEMS server crashed on May 4 before May's election. They used the back up server as the main one, and Sec. Brunner's office lent them another one for back-up. Brunner's office needs theirs back, and has been in conversation with Diebold with Platten to "urge" them into fixing the server, which they don't seem at all urgent to do.
    They have no idea of an election schedule they are supposed to be serving. (Cuyahoga has another election in Euclid coming up in July.) They sent the server to Texas, and will now send it to Vancouver Canada - ahem.... to "find out what's wrong." Presently they skirt the issue of costs for all this fixing and playing around... We know who they'll say needs to pay for all this "play."
    When I get the video posted of Mike Rich, the Diebold engineer's "explanations," Black Box Voting friends for sure, will have more gasps of amazement.
    The Board it appeared saw right through them too. Not completely pleased. But the ever present, ever quiet Diebold lawyer sat there again.. right behind the two reps Mike and the our "new Jessica Hiner"who showed up for this show.
  • The Board also certified May's election. I'll get those numbers up soon.
  • Also they will hold an executive session on June 6 to review the search committee's recommendations for the CCBOE's new Director and Deputy. They received 50 more applications in the extension period for this search. A new director is coming soon. Which party? Thus who of the opposite party will be the new permanent Chair of the Board.
    The current interim arrangement of Platten and Hastings seems like it could work out excellently on a permanent basis. This could, however still get interesting...

And today the board retired to executive session to discuss three items - which they actually announced as they're supposed to do (what a difference from Vu-Bennett)
instances of double voting - and possible legal consequences. We'll see if those three separate people were just confused, (other languaged, etc.) as have most of the very few past double voting people.

(See http://citizensboe.blogspot.com/2007/05/two-tidbits-from-cleveland-scene-mag.html)

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