Thursday, June 19, 2008

Election Audits-Part 2: Precinct Sampling

You can find Part 1, about the Cuy. audit directly below.

In the past year, I've had the pleasure of working with a group that began as fellow members of a "tech" sub-group of the Ohio SoS's Voting Rights Institute, and which was able to finally move forward and expand under their own steam and excellent shared leadership, with the facilitation of Cleveland's Ron Olson, to focus on preparing protocols for and relating the importance of election audits.
Now known as The Ohio Joint Audit Working Group, the team now also includes experts from across the nation. (A list of member names are listed on the two papers below.) Combining both historic-imperative and statistical perspectives, some have honed to a fine science, methods of election audit precinct selection that can vastly increase an audit's statistical confidence in election results, while also increasing efficiency, lessening workload, and cost.
The Joint Audit Working Group's February ,'08, White Paper can be downloaded by clicking here. The more detailed extension, June, '08 "Recommended Audit Procedures" can be downloaded here.

So for those particularly interested in the important topic of audit sample selection, or how long this 4/29 non-random, and non-statistically sound process took, partially driven by state directive, I post here the next 3 films of Cuyahoga's audit precinct selection.

More about the Cuyahoga's actual counting, reconciling and ending the audit in, Part 3, the next post.

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