Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cuyahoga "Successful" "Audit" of the "Successful" March "Election" - Part 3

Audit posts, Part 1 , and Part 2 , can be found directly below.

Here you'll see some film of the audit after precinct selection and when the counting begins.
To be posted here at a later date will be a few conclusions about the necessity for thorough audit planning with unchanging protocols; how training & monitoring of the process of hand counting can be done to assure better and more uniform success; some suggestions about reconciling the hand count to the scanner printers' counts, and how those can be noted to assure transparency; about integration of witnesses and observers into the process, the only independent people there, with no vestment in proving their own processes and work; and more.

Also later, here or in another post, some reports from the audit, both pre-plans, and post- audit ones, and both independent ones, and those from the CCBOE will be posted.

The Audit Counting Begins

And continues, on 4/29/08

Then skipping some film of the next days (they were almost complete early in the second day) moving on, to near the audit end on 5/1/08:

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