Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Video: BOE's "Defense" of Laptop "Archival" Process

Video Clips of Cuyahoga BOE 10-2-06 Meeting
About their new "SecurityPlan.

...To hear their "version" when I asked about their "transfer"process,
go to just short of halfway, after stream comes in.

The entire stream is "interesting" though - their constant avoidance of, and many alternate versions of well as of "security"

What's in this clip:

1. Chris Nance, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Executive Administrator- being put off by Bob Bennett. Of course, there was no additional meeting to discuss the ridiculous "security plan", and there never was planned to be one.

2. Dan and my tamper tape question. I have not been informed of any test as promised.

3. My questions - Notice:

-the completely circular reasoning about tamper tape- What if the tamper tape does not show true security?

- the avoidance of answering about ESI

- Mr. Vu DID answer me in earlier at the City Club. He said they were BOE laptops, period. And he smiled about it, as if he were, as usual, daring me to find out differently.

- Mr. Vu upqoted the memory cards - he quoted the retail price - which was not the price paid. The price paid to Diebold was bad enough $135/each. A PCMCIA card is normally between $18-25 each retail.

-it was not the public's perception that the laptops were for personal use. That was the employees' perception, demonstrating wide unchecked at-home use. And actual personal laptops were used!

- and they circled back to relying on the non-matching archive memory. Also the vote they "certified" as official, as they announced at that certification meeting in May, was hardly accurate. In at least 7% of the total, either they had more ballots than voters, or voters who signed but with no vote cast.

- and the EMP's have not been certified. Diebold has showed no specs for this new hardware showing all their capabilities- which the public needs to see.

4. Vicki's question - The BOE definitely called those 3 professors their "security team" for months throughout 2005 as the BOE "stayed the course toward Diebold, touting that they were taking care of "security."

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