Friday, November 24, 2006

Observers as "suspected criminals" at CCBOE

Last Saturday, even (especially?) after the Cleveland FreeTimes article referred to below, I was again denied entry to the locked CCBOE while they processed ballots, though I showed guards bent on abusing use of force and to no interest, my credentials, the state election law allowing me entry,3505.21, and the subsequent to last weekend's court order saying I was allowed in.

  • attempted to confiscate my cell phone- though most workers were carrying them freely, and possession of cell phone was never a question at the the CCBOE. I finally put it into my car - just to get in.
  • hurled false accusations at me ( constant troublemaker, "sneaking unlawful things in all the time" - when truth is never.)
  • hurled false rules at me ( "no recording equipment or cell phones allowed in county buildings." - I take them in through security at the Justice Center, the County Commisioners, the BOE regularly)
  • forced me to walk around the front of building to the locked door, then to back employee entrance where I found a soundly sleeping guard, to then walk back outside around the building to the front ( the unlocked employee entrance where we stood inside - because no one, though I'd been requesting my due admission for days at that point, had given me any "official tags") a front door, which they would "extend me the courtesy" of unlocking. And they clearly let me know they would withhold "the courtesy"if I were not more submissive;
  • would not escort me inside to the close, in-view metal detector because of above;
  • called for "back-up" as as they were yelling falsehoods at me,so I began talking at same decibels saying truths back to them
  • had 4 sheriff's and one Cleveland policeman standing there bullying me;
  • for the "courteous search" they turned my purse completely upside down and shook it out, things rolling everywhere and picked through it, like they were planning to throw me in jail
  • confiscated blunt-edged tweezers - because they said, I would "poke someone" - tweezers that pass airport security muster, and have never been a question at any county building- and called them "sharp objects" for their report;
  • and when the called Mr. Vu, arrived for his little portion of the day - he joined in the bullying; and said the guards were making the rules (!)
  • Vu's resolution was that they should all write up "incident reports" about me for "administrative review" and his "review"! I asked for a form too to get the truth in there.
  • Vu or sheriffs, intent on making me wrong, themselves right, also had the maintenance man write up "an incident report"! - a person who certainly did not understand anything about my right to be there nor the situation, and whom I saw once briefly rolling a garbage can in the hall.
The sheriff-guards spent the afternoon, as I noted after I finally got in - going over and over and over their "incident reports - talking and comparing them with one another.

Still trying to get in, and not be thrown in jail for following this duty/right, but to demonstrate some professionality, where none is being displayed, I wrote the following email to Vu and one board member.
I have received no reply as of 11/24 - other than on 11/22 in what is pictured further below - a "professional tag" which "hisself" Vu prepared and even initialed - and which won't mean squat to weekend guards....

With no reply from board member either, don't know if they plan to surprise me at the Monday provisional review board meeting, or the Tuesday, election results certification meeting with their "review". Bob Bennett, head of Ohio GOP, and arrogant Vu puppeteer, I'm sure would salivate at the chance to get me on some good trumped up charges. I have an attorney kept thoroughly advised.

This is the email I sent:

I plan to continue fulfilling my observer role per state statute, 3505.21 through this weekend's CCBOE ballot processing.

I have been denied access the last two weekends, when the building has been locked to "outsiders" - of which I am not one, per the above law, as ballot processing and counting work was proceeding. "Rules" regarding observer access have been changed, at times on the spot, without notice or discussion. Last weekend they were created by guards with no knowledge of laws about observers; and were based on what I know are completely false statements, and completely false accusations of my "assumed -guilty" status for being there,
The only "observer rules" I have received at the CCBOE- and which I appreciated - to avoid my being falsely accused of doing something wrong, with new rules being made up on the spot - and which I have adhered to - were Jaqui Maiden's for her department, on Tuesday, 11/14, the day after the court order and communication directly with Assistant Prosecutor Lambert, finally allowing me access the first time. These guidelines and our own peaceful, professional discussions in the CVS department have allowed us all to proceed with doing what we all need to do.
I shared Jaqui's rules with the Ballot Department on 11/18, as they also had received no agency input about how to best follow this election law, so everyone involved could reasonably to do our jobs. Nor had Community Outreach.
Before this holiday weekend when the building will again be locked to "outsiders" of which I am not a part, as the law allows me in to watch the ballot processing going on inside, I need a written document from the Director or a board member, demonstrating my ability to enter, and all rules that apply to credentialed observers.
I need this document in sufficient time before the Thanksgiving holiday, and with proper contact numbers of those with authority, to be able to discuss and/or negotiate any rules that falsely assume my (or other observers') unique guilt in plans to break election laws, when we have given no reason for such assumption; and/or rules that prevent my or other observers' ability to actually see what we need to, certainly without obstructing work going on at the CCBOE.
Without such professional, clear communication, the CCBOE managers, whom I have found truly attempting to follow the law, and to help everyone involved - also remaining fearful of taking what they might consider reasonable action in this regard - themselves not knowing if they will be breaking some later notified "rule" or not.
You may email that document to me at this address.
Thank you,
Adele Eisner

This is what I got on Wednesday. Upon receipt, I also asked Vu about my possessing my cell phone - just like all the workers, and about his "rules". He wanted to know exactly why and exactly when I'd need the phone!!! And admonished me to not take photos with it ( which I NEVER have done.) I don't think he gets that I do not work for him - but know that he works for us/me - and thus, I don't even have to pretend that he bamboozles me.

Click to see my "document"....

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