Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Think Ohio Needs More Than 2 Parties on Our '08 Ballot???

OK democracy advocates – it’s time to get moving here.

Even the staunchest Republicans and Democrats must recognize that to have a robust democracy, we must have choices. And most election integrity advocates, and it seems more and more voters not aware that elections take active year-round participation of all of us, are realizing that the future of our country is no longer about simple duality, no longer simple choices or alignments anymore.

On May 21, Secretary of State Brunner put out an important Directive about what we must do to keep more than just the traditional two parties on next year’s Ohio ballot.

Greens, Libertarians, or ??? will not automatically be allowed to be on without our a) creating and getting approved a petition for each party additional to R’s and D’s and b.) getting the required number – over 20,114 of valid signatures by November 26, 2007 to just allow the party to get on the ballot.
Those parties’ candidate’s petitions will then be yet a whole separate matter – a whole separate set of petitions.

Here is the very explanatory Directive 2007-09 - Political Party Access to the Ballot in Ohio. It was in a an image scanned form so I could not cut and paste the text. And because I can't seem to access it again on the SoS site at this time, I provide a link to my saved copy.

Who out there is willing to take up the charge of standing for one (or more) of the more minority parties, and starting a statewide petition campaign. Almost 25,000 signatures- when one considers that we must get enough to end up with the required number of valid signatures, even after mistakes of some some signers and some circulators - by early November makes it NOT TOO SOON TO START NOW.

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