Friday, April 6, 2007

And MORE, Ultimately "Because MR. BENNETT PERMITS & ENCOURAGES..."

Adding to the post directly below, are my own 11/7/06 questions, (which needed to be answered then to do an effective job as an Observer,) in this video that also shows Mr. Bennett's:
  • attacking or wanting to ignore or stop anyone or thing that might negatively impact his public face, and
  • lack of understanding of the purpose and protocol with attorneys from the prosecutor's office
Once you watch, and hear Assistant Prosecutor Oradini's answer to my question about Observers being allowed to watch provisional ballot verification, then watch the reality of what happened - because Mr. Bennett permits.

The following Monday, the FreeTimes journalist, James Renner, who is also featured in the above video was told by Mr. Lambert, the Assistant County Prosecutor whom we were told ordered me, an officially registered observer of the entire process (and the rest of the public) to be kept out, had not said that at all. Lambert told Renner that the question the CCBOE posed to him was whether or not Observers could roam freely around the building, to which he said no.

It seems that with Mr. Bennett's permission and possibly encouragement, not only was there Observer harassment, (see last November's post, "Observers Treated Like Suspected Criminals") but the CCBOE may have been obstructing ORC 3505.21, the statute allowing Observers to observe the process from election day through election certification.

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