Friday, April 6, 2007

One Down and One to Go

Yesterday's PD about Franklin County Hearing:
(Because of work, I couldn't get to Columbus for the hearing. It seems that Bennett himself didn't go either.)

Elections board chief fails to block ouster
Hearing on Bennett dismissal to go ahead

Mark Rollenhagen
Plain Dealer Bureau Chief

Some various quotes:
"Bennett skipped a hearing in Franklin County Common Pleas Court in which his lawyer argued that the law Brunner was relying on for Bennett's ouster was unconstitutionally vague."

"Bennett was busy on the phone with reporters Wednesday morning, blasting Brunner for hiring a regional director whom former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell had removed from her job as an Auglaize County elections director in 2005."

"But Bennett said that if Burklo had been a Cuyahoga County employee, her election law violations could have landed her before a grand jury and she ultimately would have been convicted. Bennett said Burklo's election law violations were more serious than the Cuyahoga recount rigging because they went "directly to the election process, determining who was on the ballot."

My comment:
And rigging a recount goes directly to the election process - determining who gets the elected position, and indicating that far more can be rigged behind our collective backs!

Soon I'll post film of Bennett trying to keep D-Jennifer Brady off the ballot, in the OH 16th district last fall, which would have allowed her Republican opponent no opposition at all.
In that argument, Bennett demanded "strict, not substantial" compliance of election law! with as I partially remember, one signature missing of more present from the Dem Party's decision meeting document that chose Brady to fill a candidate withdrawal. It was something minute.

Yet in the very same meeting, I believe in September, when I asked about Cuyahoga's need to thus also "strictly" follow the law, and post election results at the precinct level, basic election transparency, when Bennett decided that the current law was too old, (passed in late 90's or early 2000's - I'll look it up) and was no longer applicable for Cuyahoga County!

Or in an earlier meeting, possibly August '05 came the OH congressional candidate hopeful, Warner Lange, a person who had researched and challenged previous elections recount numbers with facts. I believe info about that can be found in the Free Press. There was the matter of OK-ing enough petition signatures to allow Lange on the ballot. Lange was short a very few signatures, mostly through invalidation ultimately decided by the then-Director and Deputy, Vu and Dillingham.
Lange came to challenge those previous decisions, and it was easy to see why. Bennett led the charge of keeping them invalidated,keeping Lange short of sufficient signatures.
As I remember, at least one signature denied, was, however, the same as the registration - not even taking into account the years that pass between registering and signing a petition - usually on clipboard, frequently out in the cold.
Bennett had the board make a big hoopla of projecting the two signatures, and myself without a camera at that meeting, I had a fellow activist take photos of the two signatures because the decision was so blatantly wrong. The two differed by only something like one or two middle-falling letter "E's" done in cursive on the registration, and printed on the petition. The rest was unique and the two were the SAME.

Talk about "the hypocrisy" the hypocrite charges Brunner with....
Talk about the many ways one who wants to and knows how to manipulate elections can, without our ever knowing to think again.

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