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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A "Cluster Gl*!tch?" Or has this Blog site been blocked from County servers?

As I prepare more video for posting (so you can see it for yourself;) and wait and wait, and remind and wait - for both the Secretary of State's office and the Cuyahoga BOE to comply with the law, and "promptly" fill a few simple public records requests in a month or less, another rather interesting issue has come up.

A few people who work at County agencies, including at the CCBOE, have (separately) recently told me that within the past few weeks they suddenly have not been able to access this blog site from their work computers.
The message that has appeared said "access denied" (- in a system I understand to have various levels of internet accessing freedoms - depending on job title and/or hierarchy.)

Is this just another temporary "glitch" in the County computer system?
Or could it be true that this site is being blocked from CCBOE and other county workers' office internet access?

If it's the latter - and Lord help us all, if things have gotten so low - I invite you readers send me your comments about why you think someone(s) would want to block their workers' access here.

To help get to the materiality of the matter, if you're a county worker, and are reading here from work, please send me a comment (under the name you choose) and let me know that all is well again with free access here ( a grandma's election integrity site - hardly retail, gaming or "entertainment." )

And if you're a tech genius, also please send me a comment about confirming or denying any blockage to this site from Cuyahoga County (and/or Ohio's state) servers.

Will let all know what we find out....

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