Friday, March 23, 2007

In the Plain Dealer Today

Secretary of State tightens screws on Elections Board
Friday, March 23, 2007
Joan Mazzolini
Florkiewicz could not be reached for comment Thursday. Bennett, however, remained defiant, saying his attorney was standing by.

"How can she make a judgment? She wasn't here," Bennett said.
I wonder if his attorney is none other than...Roger Synenberg! ( A joke, I hope for Bennett's sake.)
And Mr. Bennett, there were many other citizens who WERE there... and watching....


Get out of the way
Board of Elections members should drop their fight, quit their posts and let the critical task of rebuilding begin

My hastily written letter to editor re: above "opinion", which article you have to read to understand:
Re: “Get out of the way; Board of Elections members should...quit their posts...” (3/23), the PD person who wrote this, and I suspect it's Bennett's apparent friend, Mr. Larkin, is another who should do same.
Of course Mr. Bennett and Ms. Florkiewicz should resign now, to allow timely quality, not nepotism and political appointment, rebuilding of this county’s election process from the hackery and unlawful cover-up mess they've left.
But for our city’s newspaper to attempt to minimize an internal election rigging, done in ways that could easily have covered more results, and they thought could deceive citizens and the paying recount volunteer witnesses, as (just) “gaming a recount” is absurd.
Had you looked, Mr. Coaxum was the only board member who treated citizen-owners decently, and asked intelligent questions about CCBOE management, soaring spending, and riggable electronic machines.
Mr. Mason must continue his investigation, so all impacted election problem sources - people from top to bottom – can be publicly revealed, so we can finally get a clean, transparent, process for democracy.
This PD writer should also get out for democracy. You don’t deserve the constitutional privileges and the ink your position hands you.

(It was signed.)

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